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Updated: 12th December 2017

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Scroll down to view the various potential tenant requirements. The higher numbers are the most recent added. Click on 'More details' to access further details regarding the advert.  


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New 52031 East riding of Yorkshire. Rural property for rare breed farming and animal training. Long lease. Min 10 acres. More details.


New 52024 Anywhere in UK. Property suitable for mixed farm education centre More details.


51284 East Anglia. Wanted for rare breed livestock operation. Poss 5 or 10 year farm business tenancy. More details.


51226 Anywhere in UK. 50K to 150K bird unit. Would like equipped farm with house. More details.





New 52055 Leicestershire. Min 4 bed property, long let. To run encounter company. More details.


New 52055 Bakewell, Debyshire. Property wanted from which a small caravan site can be run. Long leases preferred. More details.


New 52052 Shrops/Worcs/Staffs. Small cottage or house with paddock. Long lease, good internet connection. More details.


New 52051 England/Scottish Borders. 2/3 bed house or mobile home. Have 7 horses, chickens, geese etc.  More details.


52049 Warwickshire.  More details.


52047 Anywhere in UK. Min 4 acres. Long term let or lease to buy option. More details.


52046 Lancashire/Ribble Valley. Farm cottage/dwelling with stables and grazing for two ponies. More details.


52043 Dorset/Hants/Wilts. For mixed livestock breading and rearing.  More details.


52038 North west Lancashire. Smallholding for young wotrking family.  More details.


52036 Not defined. Smallholding or farm for raising chickens and producing honey.  More details.


52026 Midlands. 3 or 4 bed property, grazing, outbuildings/barn .  More details.


52018 Glos, Herefordshire, Wales, South West, Shrops, Staffs. Rural location for small dog rescue.   More details.


52009  Hereford, Ledbury, Gloucester, Worcester etc. Accommodation, provision for a number of horses. More details.


52005 Yorkshire, Midlands, North Yorkshire. Detached 3 bed property with outbuildings, min 2 acres etc.  More details.


51285 Shropshire/Wales border. 10 - 15 acres grassland for ponies. Possible outbuildings/stables. More details.


51284 East Anglia. Wanted for rare breed livestock operation. Poss 5 or 10 year farm business tenancy. More details.


51282 South Wales. 3 bedroom property with land for use to run huskey tours, overnight stays and cross country / trail running and dog training. More details.



Equestrian Property  


New 52061 North east England. Property with min 5 stables plus grazing.   More details.


New 52056 Leicestershire, South Derbyshire, Notts. Ideally 2- 5 stables, 2 - 5 acres. On site water and electricity.  More details.


New 52054 West Surrey, West Sussex, Hants. Sole use equestrian yard wanted for professional dressage couple.  More details.


52052 West Lancashire.   More details.


52051 England/Scottish Borders. 2/3 bed house or mobile home. Have 7 horses, chickens, geese etc.  More details.


52050 Berkshire/Hampshire/Surrey. Yard with 6+ boxes, school, turnout etc. More details.


52046 Lancashire/Ribble Valley. Farm cottage/dwelling with stables and grazing for two ponies. More details.


52042 Surrey/Hampshire. 5 -10 large stables, menage,  good grazing. OIdeally with accommodation.  More details.


52034 West Sussex area.   More details.


52033 Herefordshire area.  Grazing, stables/barn, accommodation.  More details.


52023 Scotland. Equestrian property/farm/smallholding. Stabling/grazing.  Min 5 acres land.  More details.


52021 Wiltshire/Berkshire.  4 to 6 stables, school and paddocks.  More details.


52020 Warwickshire/Oxfordshire/Gloucester. Min 2 bed property, 10 acres, min 6 stables.  More details.


52019 Shropshire/Worcestershire/Wales. Around 5 bed property, 10+ stables, 10+ acres.  More details.


52016 Wales/Worcester/Herefordshire area. Min 2 bed property. Grazing for 2 horses.  More details.


52014 Wales/Worcester/other areas. Min 3 bed property. Grazing for 6 horses.  More details.


52013 Lancashire. Min 2 bed property. Stabling for 2 horses.  More details.


52010 North west England. 4+ bedroom property with land for 3 horses More details.


52007 England/Wales, poss Scotland. Self contained yard, 5+ stables, 5+ acres. More details.


52006 North and East Yorkshire. Min 4 bed property, 12+ stables, 15+ acres. More details.


52004 Hampshire. Yard with up to 10 boxes, 10+ acres and floodlit arena. More details.


51290 Hants/Dorset/Wilts. Min 20 acres grazing with stables or barns. House ideal but not essential. More details.


51289 Berkshire. 4 - 8 box yard for private use. 2 bed accommodation would be a bonus but not essential. More details.


51278 West Midlands/South West. Yard with 8 - 12 stables and accommodation. School and good hacking essential. More details.


51274 Somerset. With or without accommodation. Min 5 boxes, arena, good turnout. More details.


51267 Berkshire area. Yard with min 8 boxes, outdoor school and good turnout. On site accommodation. More details.


51263 Midlands or North of England. 3 bed accommodation, min 4 stables and menage. More details.


51261 York area. Property on long lease, min 5 stables, max 20 stables, 10+ acres of land for grazing. More details.



Country Property    


New 52044. 3+ bed rural property with outbuilding and land  More details.


New 52040. 1- 2 bed rural property with 1 - 5 acres land  More details.


New 52034 Western counties of England. Quiet 2 bedroom rural property. Off road parking. More details.

52030 West Yorkshire/Lincs. 4+ bed detached property with enclosed garden. Long lease . More details.


52028 South Cambridgeshire area.  Modern property, garden and connecting garage, long lease. More details.


52016 Wales/Worcester/Herefordshire area. Min 2 bed property. Grazing for 2 horses.  More details.


52003 Shrops/Staffs/Oswestry area. Farm or country property with land and outbuilding. More details


52001 Glos/Wilts/Berks/Somerset. Small cottage with garden for long term rental. More details


New  51280 Warwickshire. Small cottage or similar with secure garden or land for two dogs, perhaps chickens etc. More details.


New  51245 Chichester/West Sussex. Long term unfurnished let. Professional couple. Parking spaces for 3 classic cars (access to garage/barn/storage would be nice). More details.



Commercial Property

None at the moment.



Agricultural Buildings


New 51270 South Hants, North Portsmouth area. Self contained unit approx 2,500 sq ft for new dog training and day care centre. More details.


New 51243 Hants/West Sussex. Farm buildings and barn for small pedigree South Devon suckler cows and calves More details.





New 51249 West Yorkshire. For mobile home and animal rearing/smallholding. More details.





New 51262 North Yorkshire. Small parcel of land to have a static caravan and polytunnel on. More details.



None at the moment.


Other (metal detecting, vermin control etc)

None at the moment.